Sunday, November 14, 2010

How can I find a good MP3 wireless FM modulator?

Before we begin, we must first understand the difference between an FM modulator and a FM transmitter when talking about a wireless MP3 FM transmitter.

An FM modulator is designed to have an audio source, which in this case is your mp3 player, and forward it to an FM radio (ie, FM receiver). And if you're using it in a car, one of the most common to use an FM modulator, which is likely to be plugged into the car (ie can not be removed and take it somewhere else very easily).

There are other limitations when using an FM modulator. as you can not change the frequency easily once it is installed. It is therefore usually have to use a frequency that is not used by radio stations such as 87.5, 87.7 or 87.9 FM. In addition, you have to keep close to your FM radio modulator, since normally only issued a few inches or a foot or two at most.

The other option is to use an FM frequency that is in the typical public FM band between 88.0 and 108.0. This can be a problem if you find a commercial radio station also broadcast on that frequency and

The second problem with an FM modulator transmits only a few meters is required is to remove the FM radio and FM modulator instead of "in line" between the FM radio and antenna. This can be a problem if you do not know electronics very well or can not afford to pay a company to install it for you.

Finally, you also have to be an expert in electricity or be forced to hire someone because an FM modulator requires a wired connection to the power supply of the car. And if done incorrectly can damage the electrical system in your car.

PS. You can also run the risk of damaging the audio system in your car if you do not know what you're doing.

FM transmitters now. These work similar to an FM modulator, but have more flexibility (Ps. we are talking about small personal FM transmitters here, not those used by corporate radio)

When you go with an FM transmitter to achieve the same objective as an FM modulator, but with the following benefits:

* No installation required - from an FM transmitter easily connects to your audio source that does not have to deal with installation problems

* No frequency limitations - most good FM transmitters allow you to cover all public band so you do not have to worry about fighting with a commercial station.

* More media - concerns not only going a few inches with FM transmitter, as you would with an FM modulator (Of course, if you choose a good FM transmitter)

* More Mobility - No wiring means you are not obligated to use only the FM transmitter in your car. This is assuming that the purchase of an FM transmitter that has more options for power adapter 12V.

* Flexibility More - A good FM transmitter lets you use more than their MP3 player to transmit

As you can see a FM transmitter is heads and shoulders of an FM modulator. Of course you need to make sure you buy a good FM transmitter that actually works.

At this point you can say to himself "an FM transmitter is what I was really thinking rather than an FM modulator, but how I can find a good one?" Just keep reading and I'll help.

Here is an example of "good" MP3 FM modulator or FM transmitter. Also, for more information, please see this page wireless MP3 FM Modulator and will give some important questions you should answer before buying a MP3 FM Modulator.

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